Designing An Internet Site At Your Image

The Web designer Designer is a small website agency specializing in SEO design, SEO, design and website programming. How much does a website cost? How long does it take to create websites? What should I do to have a site? So many questions we try to answer as directly as possible.


A Mobile Website Only

By responsive website for Responsive Web Design (and), we mean a site compatible with mobile phones like large desktop screens. In the context of today’s media, it is essential that a website is adapted to the size of the visitor’s screen.

Even if you already have a standard format website and are satisfied, why not add a mobile version? Indeed, no need to redo everything. We can add to your current platform all elements for optimal display on all modern electronic media.


Of course, the search engine must know that there is a mobile version of your site. To do this, we add a program to the standard version of your site. This program detects the visitor’s media and redirects it accordingly.