Web Design Tips For A Corporate Site To Work

In the XXI Century, practically all companies have a corporate website. It is his visible face to the world, his showcase in the modern world. Therefore, the design of the site is a crucial factor. And the first seconds are fundamental; the information must be offered in a clear and orderly manner to the users so that they feel at ease and continue navigating through it.

Size XXL

Oversize fashion is not only a trend in the streets but also in the world of web design. Although the vast majority of users today are betting to connect to the Internet through their mobile devices, whose screen is smaller than any computer, developers are encouraged with letters and large images on websites.

But it’s not crazy. Users read vertically, taking a general look and clicking only and exclusively on those sections that arouse their interest in some way. Thus, it is convenient to avoid too long paragraphs in the Home of the websites; better contribute to a minimalist design, with outstanding texts and images that draw attention.

Navigability And Usability

As we have indicated, users surf the Internet through their phones and tablets in the vast majority of cases. Thus, it is impossible to think of successful sites with several sub-menus that lead to other categories, and so on. The ideal in the world of web design is that users can access any page of a particular website with a maximum of three clicks.

Also, speed is another critical factor. Therefore, nothing to cram the web with large texts and large images. If for example, a company wants to show the payment method and the return rules, it is best to post a PDF that users can download quickly and easily.

So, it is essential to clarify what is expected of users who visit a website: download a document, reserve a service, and buy a product? Also, it is highly recommended to create positive synergies between the different sites of a company; Link the website with the corporate blog and the various social profiles, thus building a network.